Cradle Cap Soft Brush by BabyRad | Dry Skin Soother Baby Essential

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Baby Bath Silicone Brush | Soft Skin Soother Baby Essential for Cradle Cap, Dry Skin and Eczema

Effective, Delicate and Safe, BabyRad brush was designed to help reduce and remove cradle cap (seborrheic dermatitis) and eczema maintaining a healthy scalp and skin.

 Key features:

  • SLIDES EASY BETWEEN YOUR FINGERS to help keep BabyRad brush steady
  • EXTRA SOFT RUBBER BRUSH BRISTLES to help loosen and remove tough flakes
  • EASY TO WASH with no dry time so no smell or mold
  • 100% ANTIBACTERIAL silicone brush
  • TESTED for safety and durability


Directions of use: 

(1) Use BabyRad brush into your baby's daily bathroom routine

(2) Ask the chemist for a special shampoo that's suitable for your baby

(3) Add oil or shampoo suitable for your baby and gently brush your baby's scalp in a circular motion

(4) Rinse Baby's head and repeat the massage if needed

(5) Wash the brush between uses

(6) Use BabyRad brush on different areas of the body so baby could enjoy more


PLEASE NOTE: It is important not to pick cradle cap as this may cause an infection.


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